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We evolve with the technology landscape to ensure that
citizens and businesses receive best of breed smarty city services.

Social, environmental
and economic impact

Permanently shifting the paradigm for urban life in cities, creating
a unique and distinguishable experience for each municipality we serve.

P3 Global Management Inc. (“P3GM”) is a smart city infrastructure development and advisory firm currently operating in the U.S. and Latin America. P3GM cultivates strategic relationships with innovative companies and governments at the local, regional, and national level in order to establish long-term private partnerships (“PPP”). Working together with city partners, P3GM designs and develops smart city solutions with the goals of the municipality and its residents in mind. Through PPPs, P3GM acts a technology-neutral intermediary, integrating best-in-breed technologies and solutions across the energy, telecommunications, transportation & mobility, security, and out-of-home media industries. As a result, P3GM unlocks social, environmental and economic value by enabling cities to generate new revenue streams while reducing costs. P3GM develops and manages leading infrastructure projects including, but not limited to, the implementation of LED lighting and sensory applications, bike share programs, WI-FI networks, security cameras, smart payphones, parking optimization solutions, interactive wayfinding kiosks, and other smart platforms. P3GM is committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for cities.

Impact you can SEE

Together we can make a positive impact on all facets of civic life – a cornerstone of our “SEE” value promise:

Social benefits

Better access to information; better safety and law-enforcement capabilities; dedicated space for public announcements; excess inventory donated to non-profit advertising.

Environmental benefits

Sustainable, energy-efficient infrastructure; beautified streets and public spaces with less visual pollution; encouraged usage of eco-friendly public transit.

Economic benefits

Increased cash flow and budget relief for municipalities; streamlined, simplified management of operations; thriving commerce and tourism are drawn to “Enhanced Cities”.

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