Enhanced Technology

Through unique partnerships with municipal entities, P3 Global Management Inc. ("P3GM") deploys new resources, expertise and innovation onto city streets and transit lines: investing in dynamic media and technologies, streamlining the management of assets, and sparking positive social, environmental, and economic vitality.

Enhanced Cities.
Continuous Innovation.

A rapidly changing marketplace has dramatically increased the public demand for connectivity and streamlined access to information. The municipal landscape is filled with infrastructure assets (such as bus shelters, rail stations, light poles, bus/rail cars, parking lots) that can be transformed to provide the services the public demands. Sustained investment in more dynamic and interactive media and technology will connect a vital urban audience and define the cities of the future.

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Impact you can SEE.

We provide proactive investment in an enhanced technology infrastructure that stimulates
lasting, positive impact on all facets of civic life – a cornerstone of our "SEE" value
promise (please click each letter to see the benefits).

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Social Benefits
+ Superior access to information
+ Improved safety and law-enforcement capabilities
+ Dedicated media space for municipal public service announcements (PSAs)
+ Excess inventory more efficiently donated to non-profit advertising

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Environmental Benefits
+ Sustainable, energy-efficient infrastructure
+ Beautified streets and public spaces with less visual pollution
+ Encouraged usage of eco-friendly public transit

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Economic Benefits
+ Increased cash flow and budget relief for municipalities
+ Streamlined, simplified management of operations
+ Thriving commerce and tourism are drawn to "Enhanced Cities"

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Aligning Priorities.
Creating Opportunity.

Cities do not maximize revenue from the current business model, as operators lack the incentive to step outside of their core business to seek investments in new innovation opportunities.
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A Perfect Synthesis of Expertise.

The P3GM vision is born from its executives’ collective savvy in out-of-home media, technology, public-private partnerships and global infrastructure investment.


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